Brett Cole Board And Staff June 2016

Board of Trustees

Image Credit: Brett Cole

John H. Adams, Chair
Amelia Salzman
, Chair
Jude Wu Abel
Carol Ash
Susan Babcock
Douglas Bateson
Elizabeth Borden
Dale Bryk
John Cahill
T. Jefferson Cunningham III
John L. Ernst

  • Members of OSI's Board of Trustees visit Charleston, SC, to conduct site visits of OSI's work across the region.
  • Members of the Board of Trustees tour riverine, OSI-protected lands by kayak.
  • OSI's Board of Trustees and senior leadership take a tour of the Tahawus property in the Adirondacks.

Anson Frelinghuysen
Joshua Ginsberg
Holly Hegener
Lea Paine Highet
Samuel G. Huber
Nicky Hylton-Patterson

Yuki Moore Laurenti
Thomas McHenry
Caroline Niemczyk
Katherine O. Roberts
Hume R. Steyer
Patricia F. Sullivan
Margie Van Dercook
Giorgios "Yorgi" Vlamis

Edward A. Ames,
Honorary Trustee
Gilman S. Burke, Honorary Trustee
Paul J. Eltson, Honorary Trustee
Samuel Lambert
, Honorary Trustee
Barnabas McHenry, Honorary Trustee

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