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Research & Policy

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Building support for smart land conservation and great parks is key to our, and your, success.

Through advocacy and research, we inform and educate the public, policymakers, foundations and non-for-profit partners to build support for the land. 

Research as a tool to influence decision makers 

Our research builds support for conservation, and uses science to instruct partners and decision-makers on how to better manage limited resources such as drinking water.

Incorporating land-based climate research, we aim to inform policymakers, local land trusts and the general public about the constructive role land conservation can play in mitigating and responding to climate change.

Our Pulse of Parks series looks at visitor trends at a sampling of New York’s state parks. The reports provide in-depth reviews on the parks' visitor demographics, user satisfaction and economic impact, and each park’s unique and appealing qualities.

Effective advocacy to build support

We raise awareness to expand public investment in land conservation and stewardship, improving recreation, protecting clean water sources and habitats, and strengthening communities—now and into the future. 

In New York, we successfully fought to increase the state’s Environmental Protection Fund, set the course for a state parks revival through the NY Parks 2020 initiative, and incorporated climate-resilient conservation and other priorities in the New York State Open Space Plan. In New Jersey, we have steadfastly supported the state’s Green Acres recreation and conservation program.

At the federal level, we fight for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which has protected the nation’s most treasured open spaces for over 50 years in all 50 states. Backed by a diverse and growing national coalition, we channel the tremendous popular support that exists for our public recreational and scenic lands.

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