A “to do” list to support New York state parks

Albany, NY—April 21, 2011—As the snow and gray of winter give way to green grass, budding trees and popping bulbs, there is no better way to celebrate Earth Day than by rediscovering the natural treasures offered by New York’s vast, world-class state parks system.

A park visit is an ideal way to commemorate this annual rite of spring—whether it’s a morning of birding, a seal walk at the beach or a hike through the woods. And if you’re looking for a more “hands on” approach, many state parks are looking for a little spring cleaning help. Many park activities are supported by local friends groups. These volunteer groups run events, promote and fundraise for individual parks and historic sites.

  • Bring a child to a state park—what better way to instill an appreciation for the outdoors!
  • Vow to visit a few new state parks this year. We all have our favorites, but get out and explore. There are 178 of them!
  • Make a camping reservation. Nights may be cold now, but a stay at a campsite, cabin or full service cottage will prove to be a highlight of your summer.
  • Plan a trip to Niagara Falls State Park. People come from India, China and Europe to see the Falls, yet so many New Yorkers have never experienced this majestic, awe-inspiring national landmark.
  • Make a donation to the Alliance for New York State Parks. The Alliance, a program of the Open Space Institute, is committed to supporting and protecting New York state parks and historic sites through advocacy, promotion of public-private partnerships and fundraising. Join the effort!

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