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August News: Access to the Outdoors by Kim Elliman

Image Credit: Greg Miller

Dear Friends,

The sun seems to be hitting the snooze button these days — delaying its wakening for a minute or so more each morning. Although the end of summer always leaves me a little melancholy, this year I am comforted by this seasonal routine — especially with all the health, economic, and social uncertainty confronting us.

It won’t be long before I trade my short sleeves for an OSI fleece as I head out to a favorite trail. And while I’ll also be wearing a facemask and keeping my distance from fellow explorers, I am thankful for the opportunity to take in the fresh air, appreciate the forest’s beauty, and even identify the call of a migrating bird.

Easy and safe access to the outdoors is not a luxury, but especially now, a necessity of life — and OSI is making a real difference in connecting people and nature.

OSI is proud to be working on numerous projects that will improve the public’s ability to connect with nature; and prouder yet to have led the charge for a fully-funded Land and Water Fund – a victory that will, forever protect our nation’s most precious resources, create more parks, and make public lands more welcoming.

From a the creation of a new visitor gateway at Minnewaska State Park and a nine-mile Greenway in Northern New Jersey, to a new park in South Carolina and an expansive project to improve trail access in the Adirondacks, OSI is improving recreational access in heavily congested neighborhoods, as well as suburban and rural communities.

I hope you take a few minutes to read about some of the works in progress highlighted in this newsletter and that you will be inspired to spend time outdoors this fall before the cold of winter settles in.

As always, I am grateful to those who support OSI’s commitment to protecting the land we love and making it more welcoming and enjoyable for all. Together, we are inspiring, healing, and comforting a weary public.

Enjoy the last days of summer and stay safe.

Kim Elliman

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