Beaverkill Covered Bridge

Beaverkill Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Project Receives 2017 New York State Historic Preservation Award

Image Credit: Tom Gavel

ROCKLAND, NY (Dec. 7, 2017)—The Beaverkill Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Project, completed earlier this year after a three-year project spearheaded by the Open Space Institute and state and local partners, received the 2017 New York State Historic Preservation Award to honor excellence in the protection and rejuvenation of a beloved state historic landmark.

“The restoration of the Beaverkill Covered Bridge preserves one of the Catskills’ most beloved historic landmarks. OSI is proud of our efforts to support this important project,” said Kim Elliman, OSI’s president and CEO. “We are grateful to our partners, the Friends of the Beaverkill Community, and in particular John and Patricia Adams for their steadfast commitment to achieving this restoration. We also thank Governor Cuomo and the state Departments of Environmental Conservation and Transportation for their skilled and coordinated expertise in the success of this project.”

"These businesses and organizations make it clear that honoring the past is critical to revitalizing communities, preserving our culture and growing local economies," Governor Cuomo said. "I encourage New Yorkers to get out and explore these historic jewels and I congratulate this year's recipients for their work to preserve the unique character of our state."

"Historic preservation helps encourage reinvestment and revitalization in our cities, towns and neighborhoods," State Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey said. "This year's awards demonstrate the extraordinary commitments, hard work and strong partnerships that have made preservation an important tool for community renewal, economic development and job growth in New York."

The Beaverkill Covered Bridge was built in 1865 to span the upper Beaverkill Creek and helped provide access to a region that was nearly unpassable until its construction.

A detailed inspection in 2013 revealed major structural problems and the bridge was closed to traffic.

As a result, OSI, the Friends of the Beaverkill Community, and the Catskill Riverkeeper provided essential support and coordination, assisted by Sullivan County and the town of Rockland, and supported by the Departments of Environmental Conservation and Transportation, all of whom worked with the State Historic Preservation Office to implement a preservation plan for the bridge.

The newly restored bridge preserves one of the town's most beloved landmarks, and shows the value of multiple public and private partners working together for the public good.

The Beaverkill project was one of five 2017 New York State Historic Preservation Awardees, announced by Governor Cuomo.

Established in 1980, the state preservation awards are given by New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation each year to honor excellence in the protection and rejuvenation of New York's historic and cultural resources.

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