OSI Adds 6,800 Acres to Adirondack Forest Preserve Permanent Protection for Tahawus

New York, NY - February 20, 2008 - OSI announces the permanent protection of the majority the Tahawus tract in the central Adirondacks when the Department of Environmental Conservation purchased 6,813 acres on January 31. 

The wilderness area which includes multiple historic sites, Lake Henderson, and the headwaters of the Hudson River was opened up to the public for hiking, camping, fishing, and canoeing when OSI purchased a total of 9,700 acres from National Lead in 2003. The DEC purchase adds key areas to the Adirondack Forest Preserve, ensuring permanent public access to this forever wild landscape. 

OSI retained a few key historical and recreational parcels on the land, including:

  • 46 acres around Masten House, which OSI will let SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry use as their Northern Forest Conservation and Education Training Center;
  • 210 acres that are the historic core area of the Village of Adirondac, including McNaughton Cottage and a blast furnace, both built in the early 1800s and recently  restored by OSI;
  • Mt. Adams fire tower, which provides stunning views of the High Peaks, and the accompanying Observer’s Cabin at the bottom of the mountain;
  • 1.5 acres around Preston Ponds.

A conservation easement protects an additional 2,900 acres as a working forest. The remainder of the lands were swapped with Finch, Pruyn & Co. in 2007.

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