OSI Donates Mill Creek Preserve and Sullivan’s Island to Town of Johnsburg

JOHNSBURG, NY (April 12, 2018)—The Open Space Institute (OSI) has donated to the Town of Johnsburg the Mill Creek Conservation Area and Sullivan’s Island, allowing enhanced access to popular regional recreational destinations.

Valued together at $250,000, the properties are the latest in a series of donations by OSI, which in an effort to share its commitment to conservation, is bestowing five parcels totaling 350 acres and worth $3.6 million to municipalities throughout New York. 

“OSI is pleased to donate these extraordinary recreational resources to the Town of Johnsburg,” said Kim Elliman, President and CEO of OSI. “We have long been committed to the protection of open space along the Upper Hudson River and its tributaries. OSI is proud to pass along these lands to the residents of Johnsburg for permanent enjoyment of the lands’ fishing, swimming, and hiking opportunities.”

“With this gift, OSI has helped ensure that Mill Creek Preserve and Sullivan’s Island will continue to be rich recreational resources for our community,” said Andrea Hogan, Supervisor of the Town of Johnsburg. “We look forward to continuing the respectful stewardship started by OSI.”

OSI’s original acquisition nearly 20 years ago helped protect 215-acre Mill Creek from development. The property features scenic Dunkley Falls, with the Black Hole — a deep gorge and unique geologic feature that has served as a favorite swimming spot for generations — just downstream. Furthermore, the site’s native trout population makes it a popular location for recreational fishing.

Sullivan’s Island, totaling three acres, is an undeveloped Hudson River island. Completely wooded, the island can be reached by boat or even by foot during extremely low water flows, and provides scenic views of the Hudson River against a mountainous backdrop.

In total, the donated properties enhance access to over one quarter mile of Mill Creek shoreline and 1.3 miles of the Upper Hudson River.

Looking ahead, a steering committee of local Johnsburg residents will develop plans on how best to use the conserved land for the town’s inhabitants. 

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