OSI Supports Woodstock Land Conservancy’s Purchase of Mt. Guardian Mountaintop, Addition to Preserve

WOODSTOCK, NY (Feb. 8, 2018)—With grant support from the Open Space Institute (OSI), the Woodstock Land Conservancy (WLC) has protected a critical section of the Mt. Guardian mountaintop, bringing its Mt. Guardian Preserve to more than 90 acres. The project will forever save from development another crucial Woodstock landmark.

Together with the abutting Town of Woodstock and Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild lands, the Mt. Guardian Preserve creates an undisturbed habitat of nearly 700 acres. This newly conserved parcel—which includes the western ridgeline, the saddle between the western and center ridge, and much of the center ridge itself—includes dramatic views of the Town of Woodstock and other breathtaking vistas.

The acquisition builds on OSI’s legacy of conservation surrounding Woodstock. In addition to helping acquire acreage for Mt. Guardian, OSI also added 575 acres to nearby Overlook Mountain Wild Forest in a series of transactions between 2003 and 2013. In the greater Catskills, OSI has protected over 20,000 acres since it first began conserving land there in the 1970s.

“This addition to the Mt. Guardian Preserve will help protect the scenic vistas of Woodstock, and enhance quality of life in this thriving town, forever,” said Kim Elliman, president and CEO of OSI. “We commend the Woodstock Land Conservancy on their tireless efforts to make sure this land is protected in perpetuity.”

“For the Woodstock Land Conservancy to be able to compete to secure these lands was both astounding and gratifying,” said Kevin Smith, WLC Chairman. “The three peaks of Mount Guardian dominate the Woodstock skyline and are seen and enjoyed from neighborhoods all over town.”

The purchase was made possible thanks to a significant leading gift by OSI to WLC’s “Save Overlook” campaign, as well as a previous purchase on Mt. Guardian. In addition to OSI, the Thompson Family Foundation, Sabine Hrechdakian and Karen and Rusty Goodman all gave significant leading gifts to the campaign. 

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