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Statement from Kim Elliman on Senate Approval of the Great American Outdoors Act and the Land and Water Conservation Fund

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The Senate’s passage of the Great American Outdoors Act is a huge step forward in fully funding the national Land and Water Conservation Fund. The measure’s approval in the Upper House sets the stage for a once-in-a-lifetime victory for conservation; a victory that will benefit every part of our nation for generations to come. 

We look forward to the Act being taken up in the House of Representatives and signed into law, and express our deep gratitude for the committed group of bipartisan legislators who rose to the moment to make this long-awaited goal a reality. Thanks to their efforts, we are making great strides in safeguarding the fresh air and clean water that sustains us all, while improving access to nature and our country’s most inspiring, and spectacular landscapes.

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By fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the nation’s most important tool for conservation and public recreation access, the Great American Outdoors Act will secure the future of America’s public lands legacy.

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