The Open Space Institute Donates the Hannacroix Creek Nature Preserve to New Baltimore Conservancy

GREENE & ALBANY COUNTIES, NY (Sep. 5, 2019) — Two decades after first conserving Hannacroix Creek Preserve, the Open Space Institute (OSI) has announced the donation of the property to the New Baltimore Conservancy. The Preserve serves as a popular public recreational resource, and helps to protect water quality in the Hudson River.

Located at the northeast corner of Greene County and the southeast corner of Albany County, the 136-acre Preserve contains 2.5 miles of trails and connects to the 40-acre Hudson River Interpretive Trail. Hannacroix Creek, which runs through the property, is an important tributary to the Hudson River and a spawning area for numerous Hudson River fish.

Together, the Preserve and the Trail flank either side of State Route 144 as it connects the historic towns of New Baltimore to the south and Coeymans Landing to the north.

Falls at Hannacroix Creek.
Falls at Hannacroix Creek.
Image Credit: Charlie Burgess, OSI

“For generations, Hannacroix Creek Preserve has been a priceless inheritance, connecting families to this wonderful landscape,” said Kim Elliman, OSI’s president and CEO. “OSI is proud to have protected this significant property, and know it will be in the good hands of the New Baltimore Conservancy.”

The Preserve includes the 18th century stone foundations of a mill and houses, as well as the scenic falls of Hannacroix Creek. Diverse bird species inhabit the land, including Louisiana water-thrush, blue-winged warblers, and osprey, which are frequently seen over the river and perching on trees near the water.

The land was first conserved twenty years ago, when OSI acquired 65 acres of former farmland. In the years that followed, OSI helped to increase the Preserve to approximately 136 acres, while New Baltimore Conservancy stewarded the property under a management plan.

Under this new management structure, the Preserve will be owned by the New Baltimore Conservancy, while Greene Land Trust will steward and monitor the property.

“Hannacroix Creek Preserve contains a beautiful and unique ecosystem that local residents have cherished for generations,” said New Baltimore Conservancy President Peter Melewski. “We appreciate OSI’s support and Greene Land Trust’s work to support the Preserve. We also want to recognize our tireless volunteers and sponsors for all they have done over the years to make this transfer possible.”

“Ever since OSI purchased it, the New Baltimore Conservancy has done an outstanding job managing and improving the Hannacroix Creek Preserve,” said Bob Knighton, President of Greene Land Trust. “Now that OSI has donated the land, we at Greene Land Trust are very pleased to partner with New Baltimore Conservancy to hold a conservation easement that will help assure that this great asset to the community continues to be available for future generations.”

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