The Hudson Highlands are part of a larger chain of famous mountains—the Appalachians—running unbroken 2,100 miles from Maine to Georgia.
Hudson River Valley

Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve

Image Credit: Greg Miller

At the base of the Hudson Highland State Park’s east side, the Hudson River is at its narrowest and deepest on its 315-mile journey to the Atlantic Ocean. Through thickly wooded natural areas and over steep and rocky slopes, visitors to Hudson Highlands State Park enjoy viewpoints revealing miles and miles of the River’s pronounced curves.

During the Revolutionary War, these high points provided strategic advantage to both sides, each equally determined to win the rugged mountains.

Keeping apace with development

Development pressure from the New York City metropolitan area continues to move northward into the Highlands and is quickly consuming large swaths of this rugged landscape.

In response to this threat, we continue to work with public and private partners to protect open space in the Highlands and the greater Appalachian Mountains—just as we have done since we were first founded in the 1970s.

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