Fishing at Moreau State Park
Palmertown Range

Moreau Lake State Park

Image Credit: Brett Cole

Just 45 minutes north of New York’s Capital District, Moreau Lake State Park is lush with hardwood forests, pine stands and rocky ridges. The park’s wooded campgrounds are quiet and secluded, with options for boating, hiking, fishing, snowshoeing and ice fishing.

In 1995, we protected the 3,400 acre Spier Falls property which included 14 miles of pristine Hudson shoreline. Then, in 2000, we gave the land to New York State as an addition to Moreau Lake State Park, doubling the size of the park.

Our efforts to protect the land continue. In 2016, we purchased the Greentree Lake parcel which was listed as one of the highest-priority acquisitions within Saratoga County.

The protection of this property will increase Saratoga County’s ability to lessen damage from floods and safeguard drinking water.

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