Saratoga Battlefield

Saratoga Battlefield

Image Credit: Ted Spiegel

Here in 1777, American soldiers forced a major British army to surrender—securing foreign recognition and support for the Patriots and renewing their hopes for independence.

Today, the Saratoga National Historical Park stands as a proud reminder of the battles that turned the tide of the Revolutionary War.

It’s also where we are working to protect historic viewsheds and a rich agricultural tradition in a rapidly developing region.

Farmland for the ages

In 1997, we initiated a Farmland Protection Program in Saratoga County to protect fertile farms, fields and views around Saratoga National Veterans’ Cemetery.

Since then, we have protected several lands that lay in view of the Saratoga Battlefield:

  • The 900-acre Allenwaite Dairy Farm, one of eastern New York’s largest dairies,
  • The Sword Surrender site, where the humbled Brits laid down their arms, setting in motion events that would lead to the end of the Revolutionary War
  • Heritage farms such as the Hanehan family farm in Stillwater, a fourth-generation dairy farm

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