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Western Maine Region

Image Credit: Jerry Monkman

Maine’s western region is home to soaring mountains that hold the state’s most popular ski areas—and legendarily daunting sections of the Appalachian Trail.

Here, unfragmented forests link with southern Canada and northern New Hampshire to form critical wildlife corridors, including subalpine forest habitat for the Bicknell’s thrush, the Northeast’s rarest migratory songbird. The nation’s best spawning habitat for federally endangered Atlantic salmon is within the pure headwater streams that trickle then rush down the sides of snow-capped mountains.

In an effort to knit together nearly 75,000 acres of high-elevation conserved lands, we have helped protect key tracts within this pristine wilderness. Our commitment to Western Maine began in 2002, and steadily grows as our Transborder Fund helps to connect critical wildlife habitat in the region.

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