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Taking the Lead on Climate Change (2015)

Image Credit: Mac Stone

Climate change poses a fundamentally different, more universal, and overpowering threat — and opportunity — than has faced land trusts in the past. A warming climate could undermine all kinds of conservation objectives, but perhaps none more critical than biodiversity.

For those land trusts focused on protecting biological richness, resilience offers a foothold in what may seem
like an insurmountable challenge. It redefines and broadens the concept of permanence by focusing on those places with the greatest potential to support life over the long term.

Resilience offers land trusts a new way to talk with their boards, funders, and the public about their value and relevance in a world where climate change might otherwise undo their work.

'Taking the Lead on Climate Change': Report

Land trusts have an important role to play in addressing climate change. Learn more about how land trusts can address one of the most critical issues of our lifetimes.

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