Resilient Landscapes Initiative Catalyst Program

Our Resilient Landscapes Catalyst Program helps land trusts and public agencies build the knowledge, tools, and educational outreach needed to safeguard the most biologically diverse places over the long term.

We provide grants and technical assistance, including a how-to guide for land trusts to incorporate climate science into their land protection planning: Conserving Nature in Changing Climate: A Three-Part Guide for Land Trusts in the Northeast. The workbook, produced in partnership with the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative, includes a free online mapping platform to help land trusts identify resilient sites.

More information on guidebook is available on the LTA site.

Grant Opportunities

OSI awards catalyst grants ranging from $5,000 to $35,000 to not-for profit conservation, land planning or educational organizations. Although public agencies are not eligible to apply, we encourage proposals that include partnerships with public entities.

For more information as it becomes available, you may sign up here.

In New England

We are working with the Land Trust Alliance to offer small and mid-sized land trusts an in-person training and technical assistance.

Two workshops will be held in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont to introduce as many as 30 land trusts to climate resilience science and climate-responsive conservation planning, including self-assessments and real-world case studies

Two land trusts will receive 30-40 hours of one-on-one assistance sessions with a “circuit rider” over the course of one year (recipients will be selected on a competitive basis)

Remote “learning circles” will be offered for all interested land trusts, providing mutual support in developing resilience planning strategies

In the Southeast

OSI is partnering with the Conservation Trust for North Carolina (CTNC), one of the leading state land trusts in the South, to make available $90,000 in Catalyst grants for climate-related conservation planning projects throughout North Carolina, along with technical assistance and communication support.  Grants are available through the generous support of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, and others.

CTNC and OSI jointly released a Request for Proposals (RFP) in late February, 2016. The RFP seeks projects from North Carolina land trusts and their partners that integrate climate science into conservation plans. Applications will be due in April  and reviewed jointly by CTNC and OSI, with grants to be announced in late spring.

CTNC will support grantees in communication and peer learning with a sequential program of webinars and customized mapping assistance to prepare them for effectively using and interpreting the resilience data in their landscapes in North Carolina.

OSI released an RFP for Catalyst progress across the Southeast in the spring of 2015. This request is currently closed, although we anticipate funding additional projects beyond North Carolina in the Fall of 2016.

Grant Criteria

OSI gives preference to projects that incorporate resilience data into land conservation plans; inform the priorities of public and private funders; or advance new ways to integrate resilience science into land protection.

The Catalyst Program supports the application of all relevant climate science, but we recommend that organizations use the terrestrial resilience science developed by The Nature Conservancy (TNC Data), which is well-suited to permanent land protection. 

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