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Throughout the Northeast, communities and ecosystems are experiencing climate change and grappling with its unknowns. How much will temperatures rise and how quickly? How will this impact the values we protect?

Despite uncertainty, scientists agree: land protection is, and will remain, a key strategy for ensuring that natural systems, and the species and humans that depend upon them, will continue to thrive.

Since 2012, OSI has been supporting land trusts in getting the information they need to ensure their land protection remains relevant. Complementing our capital grants to protect resilient landscapes, OSI has supported over 70 land trusts in developing climate-aligned conservation plans, offered workshops, webinars and trainings to over 3,000 participants, and developed Conserving Nature in a Changing Climate, a user-friendly guide for land trusts and other conservation organizations to fulfill their critical missions, even in the face of so many unknowns.

In 2017, OSI began a partnership with Land Trust Alliance to expand our support to land trusts to offer a series of day long workshops on climate resilience and provide one-on-one technical support to over 10 land trusts across the East to develop climate aligned conservation plans.

Climate Guide

Conserving Nature in a Changing Climate provides a user-friendly workbook for land trusts and other conservation organizations to gain the knowledge and tools to fulfill their critical missions, even in the face of so many unknowns.

With a basic knowledge of relevant climate science and the tools described in this guide, conservation leaders can both revise their land protection goals if appropriate, and confidently explain to funders, board members, and landowners why their efforts matter now more than ever.

The workbook,  developed in partnership with the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Collaborative and a team of land trust advisors, includes a free online mapping platform to help land trusts identify climate resilient sites.

Climate Resilient Workshops

Sorting through the amount data and concepts related to climate change can be overwhelming. OSI offers a series of workshops, webinars and conference presentations, webinars and conference presentations to provide a step-by-step process for land trusts to evaluate the resilience of the places you work.

To date, workshops and presentations have covered topics of terrestrial climate resilience, wildlife corridors, and climate communications. Future workshops are being developed that will cover coastal resilience. Other topics may include fresh water resilience and resilience of working landscapes.

Presentations and materials from past workshops are also available:

Climate-Aligned Conservation Plans

Land trusts across the eastern U.S. are eligible for support from OSI and the Alliance to integrate climate science into their conservation plans to ensure their investments protect resources that will last.

Funding is currently available to provide 10 land trusts 40 hours of one-on-one technical assistance with a “circuit rider” over the course of year. The circuit rider will support the land trust in setting priorities, identifying datasets and methods and interpreting results.

Small grants are provided to support the land trust’s investment in staff time. There is a preference for land trusts to attend a resilience workshop prior to undertaking a climate aligned conservation plan. 

Capital Grants

OSI’s education and outreach complements our Resilient Landscapes Initiative Land Protection Fund. For more information, please visit the Fund page.

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