Staff List

Christopher "Kim" J. Elliman - President and CEO

Caleb Abbott - Outdoors America Campaign Coordinator

Robert K. Anderberg - Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Mike Baden - Manager Human Resources

Nate Berry - Senior Vice President

Tally Blumberg - Chief Program Officer

Eve Boyce - Land Project Manager

Charlie Burgess - Stewardship Manager 

Abby Chan - Special Projects Coordinator

May May Cheng -  Manager of Budget and Financial Reporting

Staff hike to Sam's Point Ice Caves
Staff hike to Sam's Point Ice Caves
Photo Credit: Steve Lutterman

Samayla Deutch - Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Brenda Dicintio - Albany Office Manager

Suzanne Donovan - Land Administrative Associate

Kip Eisen - Paralegal

Christine Gallina - South Carolina Office Manager

Maria Garcia - Senior Communications Associate

Becky Gerard - Director of Administration

Alice Gleason - Senior Vice President for Finance, Chief Financial Officer

Elissa Goonan - Legal Executive Assistant

Tom Gravel - Land Project Manager

Melanie Griffin - Grants Coordinator

Joe Holland - Controller

Joel Houser - Southeast Field Coordinator

Peter Howell -  Executive Vice President Conservation Capital & Research Programs

Neil Jordan
 - Conservation Information Manager

Tatum Justice - Database Administrator 

Peter Karis - Vice President for Parks and Stewardship

Brooks Kieran-Kaufman - Staff Attorney

Eileen Larrabee - Senior Vice President for Communications

Dene Hofheinz Lee - Senior Director of Northeast Land 

Jeff LeJava -Vice President & Associate General Counsel

Charles Lewis - Accounts Payable Associate

Campfire near the Delaware River
Campfire near the Delaware River
Photo Credit: Brett Cole

Jennifer Melville - Vice President Conservation Grants, New England/Southern Canada Field Coordinator

LoriJeane Moody - Vice President Development

Patrick Moore - Land Project Manager

Susan Morningstar - External Affairs Manager

Kathy Moser - Chief Conservation Officer

Wil Nieves - Senior Land Steward

Emily Offen - Donor Relations Manager

Kelly Proctor - Communications Specialist

Vigyaan Ramadhin - Conservation Fellow

Bill Rawlyk - Mid-Atlantic Field Coordinator

Lucio Rojas - IT/Facilities Coordinator  

Hallie Schwab - Conservation Planning Coordinator

Michelle Sinkler - SC Development & Special Projects Manager

Michaela Sweeney - Parks Project Associate

Lesley Kane Szynal - Outdoors America Director 

Yasemin Unal-Rodriguez - Conservation Capital Associate

Jessica Watson - Conservation Communities Director

Abigail Weinberg - Director of Research

Maria Whitehead - Senior Project Director

Kae Yamane - Cartographic Designer

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