Triple diamond


Image Credit: Carlton Ward

Just south of the bustle of Orlando’s amusement parks and resorts is a quiet refuge: one of the most biologically rich grasslands in the world, essential to preserving the water quality of the Everglades.

Within the Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge, OSI helped conserve nearly 4,000 acres of biologically significant dry prairie. This critical locale plays an important role, naturally filtering drinking water and supporting rare, sensitive species and habitat.

The state, which had long sought to conserve the land, called the work of the Open Space Institute “instrumental in achieving the purchase.”

  • The Triple Diamond Ranch property provides natural filtration for water that flows directly into the Kissimmee River, which feeds Lake Okeechobee and ultimately, the Everglades.
  • Triple Diamond Ranch's biologically significant dry prairie is known for its high-quality habitat for number of wildlife species.

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