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Showcasing OSI’s Leadership at Rally (2022)

NEW YORK, NY (Sep. 28, 2022)—Earlier this month, more than 1,000 representatives from the conservation community gathered in New Orleans for the National Land Conservation Conference, the Land Trust Alliance’s (LTA) annual event. The three-day conference, known simply as “Rally,” brings together conservation professionals and supporters to learn from each other, network, and exchange ideas and insights on shared issues. While most attendees are from organizations working in the United States, participants from all over the world attended.

During the event, the vast experience and expertise of OSI professionals was on full display as they led presentations, discussion panels, and met with their peers. Among the topics where OSI staff demonstrated their leadership:

  • Incorporating land for flood protection in community planning projects;
  • Using digital storytelling and mapping in conservation efforts;
  • Carbon sequestration considerations in forest management;
  • Building inclusivity and equity into land protection work;
  • Bringing enforcement actions against third-party violators of conservation easements;
  • Working with outside legal counsel on land conservation issues.

“It is a privilege to showcase OSI’s expertise and leadership at Rally,” said Jeff LeJava, Vice President and Associate General Counsel. “As one of the nation’s oldest land trust organizations, OSI has built up a body of knowledge that is valuable to our peers. It’s wonderful to see our organization’s impact extend beyond our own work to positively influence the work of land trusts everywhere.”

In addition to sharing expertise, attending Rally is also a chance for OSI staff members to learn about trends and challenges in land conservation, expand their knowledge beyond their day-to-day work, and get inspired by all of the great land protection work that is happening across the nation.

“Going to Rally recharges my energy and passion for OSI’s work,” said Hallie Schwab, Conservation Planning Manager. “It’s easy to get caught up in the details of our day-to-day work. Rally helps us step back and see the bigger picture and get inspired by the incredible work happening all over the country. I always come home with new connections and fresh perspective, excited to bring new ideas to our work.”

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