The Hope We Find in Protecting Land (2021)

Image Credit: Greg Miller

Land protection offers hope.

(Jan. 29, 2021) — Land conservation is an optimistic enterprise. The land we permanently protect today will reap benefits for generations, from ensuring a healthier planet through clean water and carbon absorption, to offering places to play, and providing habitat for wildlife. Land protection offers hope.

The promise of a brighter future is on the horizon. Just two short weeks after the horrific attack on the U.S. Capitol, a new president was sworn in on the very steps of that same extraordinary building. President Biden's commitment to fight climate change and conserve nearly a third of U.S. land and water by 2030 is inspiring – as are his choices to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior.

Meanwhile, in New York State, Governor Cuomo has announced a four-year, $440 million initiative to continue the revitalization of state parks and is maintaining his historic support for the state's critical Environmental Protection Fund - even as New York faces significant financial challenges.

And here at OSI, our commitment to protecting land and making it more welcoming and available to the people who need it, is in high gear. I invite you to read on about some of our recently completed projects and, as always, many thanks to all who make our work possible.

I wish you a safe 2021 and hope the year brings a renewed sense of optimism for us all.


Kim Elliman

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