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Make a secure, tax-deductible contribution to OSI when you donate online.


Make a tax-deductible contribution to OSI, in the form of cash, stocks, mutual fund shares, or donor-advised funds for operating support, capital project support, tributes, special occasions or commemorative gifts for memorials. 

Endowment, Estate Planning

Consider making a legacy gift by including OSI in your estate planning. A permanently named endowment fund for a region may be established as part of your legacy giving.

Real Estate

Make a contribution of land, easements or stewardship grants to OSI through an outright gift, a will, or by naming OSI as a beneficiary of  a charitable lead or remainder trust.

Employer Matching Gift

Many companies will match your donation. Send your employer’s matching gift form to OSI along with your donation.

Payroll Deduction

Consider a convenient payroll deduction through EarthShare and the Combined Federal Campaign. OSI is a member of EarthShare and would like to thank those individuals and families who have supported our work through the payroll deduction plans offered by EarthShare.

For more information, please contact:

LoriJeane Moody

Senior Vice President, Development

212-290-8200 x 1288

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