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We excel at building partnership and achieving real and lasting benefits.


OSI seeks to accelerate the rate and effectiveness of conservation by providing grants and short-term, low-cost bridge loans for land transactions in selected landscapes in the eastern United States and Canada.

What We Do

We help land trusts protect preserves and parks, as well as community forests. We support land conservation projects that provide critical wildlife habitat, safeguard clean water, enhance recreational access, bolster local communities, and sustain people and wildlife despite an unpredictable climate.

Since 2001, CCP has made $136 million in grants and loans, in 13 states and three Canadian provinces. 

Twenty miles of critical habitat for federally endangered Atlantic salmon were protected on the Orbeton Stream project through a conservation easement on an important wildlife corridor between the US and Canada. Located in Maine’s High Peaks region, it was conserved through local, federal, and national support and grants from the Open Space Institute’s Transborder Fund.
Image Credit: Jerry and Marcy Monkman

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