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Who We Are

The Open Space Institute is a team of project leaders, researchers, land stewards, attorneys, accountants and office managers--all dedicated and creative professionals united in improving people’s lives and the world we live in through smart land conservation. 

Working together over the past 40 years, we have saved 2,285,092 acres of land through direct acquisition, grants and loans. But these statistics only tell part of the story. We prefer to describe our successes in terms of the impact we have.

Our work has led to clean drinking water for millions; new and better parks for outdoor recreation; land that will endure in a changing climate; protected farms for greater access to local food; scores of local, active grass-root environmental groups; and preserved historic landscapes and vital habitats up and down the eastern seaboard.

At OSI, we get conservation done for good and forever.

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Equity Value Statement

Conservation benefits everyone. Land conservation brings social, health, and ecological benefits to communities. OSI will improve how open spaces will be managed to accommodate increased demand for natural spaces, provide ecological services necessary for community wellbeing, and benefit an ever-evolving constituency. OSI will seek out different perspectives to help build an inclusive conservation movement.

  • We embrace diversity to accomplish the mission of conservation for all people.
  • We promote a culture of institutional integrity, collaboration, and honesty, and one that inspires enjoyment and fulfillment in the workplace.

Social license – support for what we do within the communities in which we work – is foundational at OSI. OSI will identify who benefits from our work and how, and how to expand our constituencies, and we will establish metrics, both quantitative and qualitative, to define and measure these social goals.

What You Can Do

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