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How We Do It

Land Acquisition

Image Credit: Greg Miller

At OSI, we know that the value of land conservation goes well beyond mere dollars and cents. Smart, strategic land conservation strengthens communities, provides recreational resources, protects habitats, and ensures access to drinking water resources.

Launched over kitchen-table discussions more than 40 years ago in New York’s Hudson River Valley, OSI has expanded its direct land conservation efforts and transaction expertise to projects generating significant conservation impact in Maine, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Image Credit: Brett Cole

OSI’s work represents an effort to align the pieces of the landscape puzzle and prevent fragmentation, which disrupts key wildlife corridors, impairs water and air quality, and diminishes the beauty and accessibility of natural areas.

A Closer Look

Van Alst River to Ridge New Paltz


The goal of the land conservation program of the Open Space Institute is permanent conservation of land and its natural, scenic, and historic resources. We accomplish this by purchasing and accepting donations of land and conservation easements.

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