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What We Protect

Land for Healthy Communities

Image Credit: Michael Neil O'Donnell

Smart land conservation strengthens our communities in countless ways – adding recreational resources, protecting water sources and mitigating the impacts of climate-related extreme weather events, to name just a few.

But protected landscapes are also at the very core of the values and identity of the communities where we live, preserving local culture and an established way of life.

From community forests and local parks to protected farms – so much of what we love and appreciate about the places we live and call home is supported by protected landscapes.

Land for healthy communities

Place is a source of pride in rural and urban communities alike.

Protecting natural areas helps families and children get active in places where they can safely run, play and experience the great outdoors.

Lancaster Farmland, PA
Image Credit: Brett Cole

Our impact

Examples of our efforts to protect and enhance communities include:

  • Our conservation of small, working family farms and ranches and community forests helps communities enjoy local forests as a source of sustainable income and pride.
  • Our land protection reduces the burden on municipal infrastructure, offers natural solutions to protect water supplies, and encourages tourism by supporting recreational destinations.

What You Can Do

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