Eastern Box Turtles
What We Protect

Land for Habitat

Image Credit: Jerry Monkman

The land we save is more than scenic.

Protecting land helps safeguard habitat. Wildlife relies on land to live; by working in large areas that span regions and even borders, we can create corridors that help wildlife and human beings prosper.

Land for habitat

From rocky headlands to spruce fir forests to salt marsh estuaries, our work helps wildlife thrive.

Painted Bunting Photo From Usfws
By protecting the island in South Carolina's Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, OSI saved precious habitat for the painted bunting and other migratory songbirds.
Image Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Protecting large blocks of forests safeguards the deep, sweet soils needed for biodiversity — giving plants and animals the space they need to roam and prosper.

Our impact

Examples of our efforts to save habitat include:

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