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OSI Mourns the Loss of Former Trustee Elizabeth McCormack

Image Credit: Jerry Monkman

We have just lost Elizabeth McCormack who was the wife of Jerome Aron, who served as a board member of OSI in the 1990s. Elizabeth was a catholic nun who became President of Marymount College, renounced her position in the Church, and reestablished Marymount as a secular, coeducational institution. She later married Jerry, who was its Chief Financial Officer. Jerry was quiet, competent and authoritative figure who served OSI well during a challenging time when OI’s leadership was much in flux. Elizabeth attended some of our meetings with him and when asked offered quiet, effective advice on difficult human relations problems. Her formal position was philanthropic advisor to the Rockefeller family, but she was also a spiritual advisor who handled difficult disputes with grace and dignity. Jerry died in 2004, and we will miss both members of that remarkable couple.

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