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Hudson River Valley

Black Rock Forest

Image Credit: OSI at Black Rock Forest

Only about an hour drive from Midtown Manhattan, Black Rock Forest and Schunnemunk State Park are intact native forest ecosystems providing natural habitat for bears, bobcats, coyotes and otters, as well as chestnut-oak forests and pitch pines.

Since 2010, we have been working to protect the wildlife corridor on and between the 3,800-acre Black Rock Forest and the 2,700-acre Schunnemunk State Park. For example, in 2014, we secured the Hudson Highlands' largest-ever conservation easement on Black Rock Forest. Two years later, we donated the easement to the State of New York, guaranteeing public access to nearly 60 miles of hiking trails on Black Rock Forest, while funding an endowment to acquire adjacent buffer lands that will connect to Schunnemunk.

Habitat for wildlife

Many of the animals in the area survive by moving across large, unfragmented areas during different seasons. These lands feature mature deciduous forest and high-quality waterways—and in recent years have become increasingly surrounded by development. 

Creating connection

We have protected:

  • The Merrill Property
  • The Houghton Farm Property
  • Legacy Ridge
  • The Leone property

By preserving vitally important connectivity, we are trying to ensure this region continues to support health wildlife populations. After all, the wildlife corridor connections we create today will only become even more important as climate change bears down on our landscapes and communities.

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