Mont Sutton Northern Greens

Northern Green Mountains

Image Credit: Francois Compte

Running from northern Vermont into southern Quebec, the Northern Green Mountains contains 1.8 million acres of unfragmented forests that are home to more than 50 at-risk species—including the wood turtle, Bicknell’s thrush, peregrine falcon, Green Mountain maidenhair fern and American ginseng.

Bear Claws On Beech Merovitz Aca Green Mts Cropped
A bear clawed this beech tree in the Northern Greens region of Canada.
Image Credit: Appalachian Corridor

Increasingly, changes in the timber industry, suburban and vacation home development, intensive resource extraction, and new roads and power lines are splintering this landscape into ecological islands. Meanwhile, the specter of climate change and its impacts on wildlife movement and survival pose a sweeping and potentially devastating new threat.

As the only fund focusing on land protection on both sides of the eastern US-Canada border, our Transborder Fund is helping fill in the gaps between conserved lands by supporting the work of nonprofit partners in the region.

After all, smart land conservation has a huge impact on lives and livelihoods on both sides of the border: Nature-based tourism and outdoor recreation—skiing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing and hunting, just to name a few—and forest products are the cornerstones of regional economies.

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