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OSI Praises Biden’s Ambitious Environmental Protection Plan

Albany, NY (January 20, 2021)—The Open Space Institute (OSI) enthusiastically celebrates and welcomes the presidency of Joseph R. Biden Jr. and looks forward to working with his administration to protect our nation’s precious natural resources, so that all Americans can enjoy the benefits of clean water, clean air, and safe and welcoming access to nature.

We are grateful to have our country’s leadership send a clear, bold message not only acknowledging the climate crisis, but also championing an ambitious, land-based plan that will help halt and curb the negative effects of climate change.

President Biden’s climate plan is making clear connections that land conservation is a critical tool and a natural solution to combating the negative impacts of climate change, making land trusts and land conservation organizations uniquely situated to help the new administration accomplish these visionary goals. His deep commitment to addressing climate and resilience challenges, protecting irreplaceable landscapes, and realizing the promise of the Land and Water Conservation Fund will be a touchstone for our own work.

We look forward to supporting President Biden’s land and water conservation goals by continuing our 40-year history of protecting forests that store and capture atmospheric carbon, land that supplies clean water, and outdoor spaces that bolster the physical and mental well-being of communities.

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