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South Carolina Press Coverage (December 2020)

Image Credit: Mac Stone

Two exemplary articles published in The Post and Courier discussed the importance of protecting land to halt and lessen the worst effects of climate change, including flooding, in South Carolina. The two pieces highlighted OSI's critical land protection work in some of the most affected areas. 

Rising Waters: A Special Report

"Turbocharged by a warming climate, rain bombs and rising seas swamped the South Carolina Lowcountry this year, sending murky floodwaters into streets, businesses and homes. At the same time, developers continue to transform forests and wetlands into even more homes and shopping centers — destroying acres and acres of spongy land that could help sop up these rising waters..."

By Tony Bartelme, The Post and Courier
Read the article here.

5 Thoughts About How We Can Stay Above Water

"In 2018, Hurricane Florence slow-walked through the Carolinas.... The city braced for a devastating flood. Then something unexpected happened... Great volumes of water filled swamps and forests upriver. This land behaved like a giant sponge, holding the water and releasing slowly... It was a dramatic example of how or forests and wetlands protect us, said Maria Whitehead, senior project manager for the Open Space Institute."

By Tony Bartelme, The Post and Courier
Read the article here.

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